Cathy Kerner is an Israeli artist born in France. Her artwork transmits emotion by merging force and finesse in movement and fluidity.

“Wood is responsive, alive, and asks to be touched ; its warm hues evolve in a unique work into a perpetual and continuous search … Wood lends its strength and sensuality to artwork”.

As Cathy crafts, the raw wood transforms into personal and symbolic works of art, and the heavy, hard, resistive and static, become subtle, fluid, in movement. In this process, shape and meaning emerge from the power of the tree.

By using several types of rare woods, chosen for their texture and often surprising shades such as violet (amaranth) or orange (padauk), Cathy Kerner creates visual and tactile patterns, heightened at times by stained glass that bring out the light and hue.

She draws inspiration from Judaism, relationships with people, the poetry of nature, and from the light and the rounded hills of the landscape. Her studio is in a small village in the Judean desert. The special quality of the light and the closeness of Jerusalem have a profound influence on her work.

Her Artworks like murals, design creations, frescos, and large-scale art for synagogues (ark, lecterns, memorial and ceremonial pieces) can be seen in communities and in private collections in several countries.